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The OSU Star House is a                        .

What 5 steps must be completed before you may begin signing up for regular volunteer opportunities?

What is the only volunteer activity that can accommodate up to 20 volunteers AND allows volunteers ages 16 and older?

Fill in the blanks (refer back to previous question): All other activities at the Star House require volunteer be       or older and can accommodate up to       volunteers.

What is the #1 cause of homelessness in the United States?

True or False: Personal unresolved emotional issues can block your ability, as a volunteer, to help lead youth to a healthier place, therefore, it's crucial to have dealt with any painful history of your own before volunteering with youth who've been damaged by harm or trauma.

Fill in the blank: Except for first 3 years of life, the period of the most rapid growth in change is               .

When is it acceptable to be alone with a youth at the Star House?

Which is the most appropriate response if a youth asks if you can give them a ride to Kroger down the street?

Is it acceptable to be friends with youth on Facebook or any other social/digital media (including email)?

If a youth asks you to watch their things/child while they run outside or to another area of the facility, what is the appropriate response?

If a youth asks for or attempts to barter services for money, specific donation items or other services, how should you respond?

If a youth asks to stay with you (sleep at your place, hang out, etc.), what should your response be?

When is it okay to take pictures at the Star House?